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microINR Link

The microINR Link Meter combines all the advantages of the microINR Meter (fully automatic, minimum testing steps, low sample volume, multilevel QC strategy) with a built-in wireless Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0 technology.

Bluetooth® connection with microINR is easy and convenient. By pairing microINR Link with a compatible device, the results will be automatically sent after its performance, keeping the testing steps set to the minimum.

microINR Link

Wireless Connectivity through Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0

• Extremely low power consumption
• Faster data transfer
• Improved security
• Robust and reliable connections indoors and outdoors
• Prevention of interferences, which improves wireless coexistence
• More data capacity

microINR Link

User friendly

Easy Pairing

State-of-the-art Bluetooth

Automatic Result transfer

Automatic lot ID

Meter dimensions

119 x 65 x 35 mm

Screen dimensions

45 x 45 mm

USB interface

To charge the device

View data history

Up to 199 tests and error messages

Power supply

Rechargeable battery (approx. 70 Test per battery cycle)

2 Buttons

For time/date settings, checking memory and turning on/off

Step by Step


Insert the Chip

By inserting the Chip, the meter automatically turns on.

Step by Step


Quality Control

The meter performs the pretest QC and warms up the Chip.

Step by Step



When the System is ready, the Meter beeps and an 80-second countdown is displayed.

Step by Step


Applying the blood

Perform the fingerstick and apply the blood sample to the Chip entry channel.

Step by Step


Remove the finger

When enough sample volume is detected, the meter beeps and the countdown disappears. Remove the finger gently.

Step by Step


Result transfer

The meter automatically sends the result through the Bluetooth connection.

Step by Step


Remove the Chip

Once the result has been succesfully transferred, the used Chip can be discarded. Dispose of it properly.

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