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iLine Microsystems

iLine Microsystems is a biotech company researching, developing, and manufacturing POCT IVD devices in the Hemostasis area since 2007. The company incorporates proprietary technology that provides innovative and highly reliable products for the current and future needs of the changing healthcare models.

microINR Expert

The microINR Expert meter is a professional PT/INR coagulometer for near-patient testing. It provides a wide range of connectivity options (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet), great traceability and an intuitive and guided user experience. All these factors combined with the highest safety standards (multilevel on-board QC) make the microINR Expert the ideal solution for monitoring oral anticoagulant therapy in a professional environment.


The microINR System is an in vitro diagnostics medical device, intended to monitor oral anticoagulation therapy (OAT) with vitamin K antagonist drugs.

microINR Link

The microINR Link Meter combines all the advantages of the microINR Meter with a built-in wireless Bluetooth® Low Energy 5.0 technology.

microINR Chips

Our device uses proprietary patented technology to provide accurate and reproducible results.

microINR Chip

Disposable chips for INR determination through sample flow monitoring along microcapillaries.


Small sample volume required, fully automatic calibration, and easy to use including acoustic and visual signals guiding the user.

Patient self-testing model provides an effective control and a significant quality of life improvement for the anticoagulated patient. The microINR System allows monitoring oral anticoagulant therapy by the patient without having to go periodically to the physician. It is handy, portable, easy to use and painless, and above all, provides reliable results for doctors, nurses and patients.


Fully automatic calibration, integrated and independent on-board quality controls, and chips individually packed.

Healthcare providers are increasingly saturated in the routine OAT monitoring, mainly due to the increasing number of patients, and therefore demand reliable high throughput systems. The microINR system tackles these demands among others through its innovative design. It allows professionals to efficiently work at the Point of Care settings.