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microINR EasyControl allows the performance of external quality controls at professional settings.

There is no need to perform an external control to validate the performance of the microINR System, since it includes integrated and independent quality controls. However, the local regulations in some countries require the performance of specific external quality controls. Thus, aiming to help our customers to be compliant with those regulations, iLine Microsystems offers the microINR EasyControl.

Designed to be exclusively used with the microINR System.


Used for the dispensation of the solution into the microINR Chip.

Calcium Solution

Used for the reconstitution of the lyophilized plasma.

Lyophilized human abnormal plasma

The microINR EasyControl contains lyophilized human citrated plasma from healthy donors (not heparinized plasma or plasma samples under oral anticoagulant therapy) modified by means of a dedicated process to simulate an abnormal coagulation sample.