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iLine Microsystems, a company dedicated to the development and fabrication of Point-of-Care devices for the IVD market.

iLine Microsystems is a biotech company researching, developing, and manufacturing POCT IVD devices in the Hemostasis area since 2007. The company incorporates proprietary technology that provides innovative and highly reliable products for the current and future needs of the changing healthcare models.

International expansion

iLine Microsystems launched the microINR System in 2011. This milestone was followed by a quick international expansion and the development of new products with the aim to consolidate the Company as a global supplier of POCT hemostasis products.

Currently, iLine Microsystems manufactures million of microINR Chips per year, manufactured following the highest quality standards, and it is continuously expanding its business all around the world.

Technological environment

San Sebastian technology park is a privileged environment, gathering most of the outstanding biotechnology and nanothechnology companies of the region

iline Microsystems S.L.
Paseo Mikeletegi, 69
20009 Donostia

Contact details
tel: +34 943005651
fax: +34 943008737

Our values


Innovation is a pillar of the brand, a means to develop new products that offer consistent benefits for patients and professionals, and turns out in competitiveness to the business. Innovation is at the core of our organization. It is the result of our ability to break out with conventionalism and dream of a better future; a curious, open minded, creative and technologically focused attitude.


We believe in team building work experience as an effective boosting of our talented people, and an unlimited source of value. It is by teamwork collaboration that we come up with ideas that far exceed the individual potential. It is the means to progress, motivation and understanding amongst the individuals.


We are fully committed to society and its health issues. It is by awareness, understanding and acknowledgement of social and health issues that we can give a meaning to our activity and a reason to exist as an organization.


We deeply believe in a total transparent activity and behaviour. We are confident in what we do, and invite stakeholders to discover it. As individuals, we are driven by professional ethics, honesty and integrity and an open and shareable attitude towards in and out relationships.


Quality is at the core of all our activities (from design and production to servicing). It is the means to precision, functionality and reliability expected by our clients and partners. We are committed to the highest standards of quality, being fully transparent about the compliance processes we follow to meet the strictest healthcare regulations.