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From a simple diagnostic solution to a modular platform concept
Over the years, the company has been developing the initial technology into a complex, modular approach with the aim to address various diagnostic needs focused but not limited to blood coagulation and hemostasis.

The Core Technology is based on the microfluidic Lab-On-Chip (LOC) technology. This technology provides means to perform a biological test comprising of sample application, reagent storage, mixing, detection and QC, all embedded in a miniaturized disposable Chip using a minute blood sample. This Chip retains the efficiency and quality equivalent to the classical laboratory processes but at the same time provides the advantage of a rapid diagnostic test.

The technology also comprises means for Chip manufacturing, based in microengineering and microfabrication processes, which allows high quality massive production.

Furthermore the company possesses the engineering expertise and capability to develop and manufacture a customized software Reader to provide a fully integrated diagnostic solution that responds to the needs of our customers.
New medical device for OAT monitoring with the latest wireless technology.
The next generation system for Oral Anticoagulation Therapy monitoring.
Easy to use, painless and highly reliable.
Effective testing in less than 1 minute.
Understanding our know-how.
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