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Effective testing in less than 1 minute
Healthcare providers are increasingly saturated in the routine OAT monitoring, mainly due to the increasing number of patients, and therefore demand reliable high throughput systems.

The microINR system tackles these demands among others through its innovative design. It allows professionals to efficiently work at the Point of Care settings.

Key Advantages
  • Easy-to- use design with the smallest sample volume in the market.
  • Rapid and simple test, completed in less than 1 minute.
  • Fully automatic calibration: eliminates manual entry risk.
  • Chips packed individually.
  • Integrated and Independent on-board quality controls with a dedicated control channel.
  • Available external quality control through the liquid control solution microINR EasyControl.

im The next generation system for Oral Anticoagulation Therapy monitoring.
im Easy to use, painless and highly reliable.
im Effective testing in less than 1 minute.
im Understanding our know-how.
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